The objectives for the city-to-city peer review tool are to:

  1. ensure that the peer review tool reflects a comprehensive, all-of-society approach to DRR
  2. identify data, information & evidence that is useful when conducting a city-to-city peer review
  3. aid the implementation of the Sendai Framework at local and therefore national/international levels through alignment to local indicators developed in accordance with the Sendai Framework
  4. ensure it is useable by cities at all levels of maturity in DRR planning

The peer review tool developed through Uscore2 will be piloted in Viggiano, Salford and Amadora. These three cities have different disaster risk profiles; geographical and demographic characteristics; and statutory and regulatory frameworks. All are role models within the Making Cities Resilient Campaign. The effectiveness of the peer review tool will be evaluated using a methodology developed by the University of Manchester. The tool will be aligned to the indicators for the Sendai Framework and UNISDR MCR enabling on-going assessment of its applicability in reporting local progress against the Sendai Framework.