As the development of the Uscore2 Project neared its final stages during the latter part of 2018, a number of important events took place which represented significant milestones for the advancement and dissemination of the peer review methodology.

Barcelona Resilience Week, Barcelona, Spain 11-16th November 2018

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The week-long event, composed of 6 dialogues and numerous workshops, sessions and networking events, brought together 500 participants to develop and foster new working partnerships and collectively face resilience challenges. Barcelona Resilience Week gathered key international actors, together with city representatives, governments, NGOs and innovators to share approaches to addressing urban challenges and implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, New Urban Agenda, Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and Paris Agreement.

The objective of BRW was to harness the commitment of initiatives such as the Making Cities Sustainable and Resilient action, the Making Cities Resilient Campaign, city-to-city cooperation programmes and good practices from cities, academia, private sector, and civil society, to scale-up resilience action at the global level. This objective was met and resulted in a growing interest in tools for action such as the City Resilience Profiling Tool and 10 Essentials.

The Uscore2 Masterclass workshop presented the results of the project and demonstrated the mechanism for an independent and transparent assessment, adding clear value to building local and national resilience. The workshop also emphasised the importance of city-to-city peer learning and sharing of best practices.

To view the Barcelona Resilience Week programme, please click here.

European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction, Rome, Italy 21-23rd November 2018

Image credit: Representatives of European countries, stakeholder groups and partners gathered in Rome, Italy from 21-23rd of November 2018 for the European Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction (EFDRR). The 2018 EFDRR built on the outcomes of the 2017 EFDRR held in Turkey, 2017 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction held in Mexico and aim to address key issues that can accelerate the implementation of the Sendai Framework in coherence with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. The event represented an opportunity to exchange and move forward on local level resilience, economic risks and reaching the Sendai Framework 2020 priority targets.

At the event members of the Uscore2 team made presentations on the following subjects:

  • Peer reviews and the Sendai Framework
  • How to conduct a peer review
  • Case studies drawn from project experience
  • The Impact Evaluation Methodology developed as part of the project
  • Learning points gathered throughout the project

Viggiano, Amadora and Salford Peer Review Presentations

As part of the Uscore2 Project pilots of the peer review tool were carried out in each of the Uscore2 partner cities. Following review, the Uscore2 partner city that carried out the peer review formulated a report to capture and consolidate the findings of the activity. During October and December 2018 each of the cities that carried out the review returned to the city they reviewed to present the report and its findings back to stakeholders.

Reports of the peer review findings were presented as follows: