The Amadora peer review was held between the 18th and 20th of April 2018. The Portuguese city hosted an international team of experts from Viggiano, Italy who were supported by experts from Salford, United Kingdom to make up the Review Team. Amadora chose to be reviewed on the following modules:

  • Module 1 - Disaster Risk Governance
  • Module 6 - Strengthen Institutional Capacity for Resilience

Over the course of the 3-day peer review, members of the Review Team gathered information from sources such as Amadora’s local government, emergency services, community groups and other stakeholders. Prior to the peer review being conducted, information was gathered through an initial exchange of documents as well as presentations, interviews and focus groups during the event itself.

Following the peer review, Amadora will be presented with a report highlighting the findings of the peer review. The Review Team from Viggiano are currently in the process of writing this report which will be presented to the Host Team in due course. The Uscore2 methodology will be critiqued once more and go through a further process of refinement ahead of the Salford peer review which will take place before the end of July 2018.