Uscore2 have linked in with the MOBILISE project to share knowledge and learning on disaster risk reduction.

The purpose of the MOBILISE project is to develop a digital platform that will allow multi-agencies to establish a common understanding of vulnerabilities, to explore “what-if” scenarios, to identify the impact of various hazards on infrastructure, the community and the economy in different local contexts, and to improve resilience capacities through various mitigation measures. Furthermore, the same digital platform should be capable of providing the intelligence that is captured in the system to multi-agencies in conducting early response and damage assessment during and after a disaster.

The MOBILISE project poses 6 research questions:

  1. What is the nature of a resilience framework that will allow low -/ middle income countries to assess their vulnerabilities and resilience capabilities and take measures to build resilient communities?
  2. How can we enhance multi-agency collaboration within low -/middle –income countries?
  3. What changes are required in terms of technology, organisational structures and collaboration processes to enhance multi-agency collaboration?
  4. What are the characteristics of a collaboration platform that can support collective vulnerability assessment and reduction by multi-agencies?
  5. How can we establish a system dynamic model that can support the simulation of cascading effects on critical infrastructure systems due to hazard?
  6. How can we construct a collaborative 3D environment based on near real-time 3D satellite data and analysis for supporting early response and damage assessment after a major disaster?

More information about the MOBILISE project can be found via the link below:

MOBILISE Project Website