A recent workshop in Salford on Wednesday the 29th and Thursday the 30th of November saw the Uscore2 project partners meet for the first time since the pilot peer review in Viggiano. Hosted by Salford City Council, the workshop took place at the Imperial War Museum North, and brought partners together to share experiences from the peer review in Viggiano.


During the two day workshop, Viggiano discussed the usefulness of the peer review and lessons which had been learnt as a result. Amadora and Salford presented their perspectives as peer reviewers and discussions took place regarding the ways in which the peer review tool and impact evaluation methodology could be developed. The University of Manchester presented an overview of their findings from interviews and observations conducted before, during and after the peer review process as part of the assessment of the peer review tool in Viggiano. Detailed feedback on the specific modules addressed during the Viggiano peer review was discussed by partners, including the ways in which the tool could be amended for future use.


The workshops provided useful insights into how the peer review mechanism can be developed, and took into account both Uscore2, and future considerations for a global city-city peer review process.

The workshop culminated in deciding the date for the next peer review which will take place in Amadora in April 2018. This provides an exciting opportunity to test the amended peer review tool and impact evaluation methodology, and to implement the lessons learnt from the pilot peer review in Viggiano.