On 25th-27th October the Uscore2 Viggiano Peer Review took place with members of the project team visiting Viggiano in the region of Potenza, Italy to carry out the pilot of the Uscore2 peer review methodology. The Host Team in Viggiano selected 5 modules developed using the 10 Essential for Making Cities Resilient framework for review. These covered the following areas:

  • E2 Module - Risk Assessment
  • E4 Module - Urban Development and DRR
  • E5 Module - Climate Change Adaptation and DRR
  • E7a Module - Community Resilience
  • E9 Module - Disaster Response

Presentations from subject matter experts were organised by the Host Team and were followed by question and answer sessions that gave Review Teams an opportunity to gain a real insight into the resilience of the Italian commune over the 3 days.


The Review Team are now obtaining feedback following the event as well as compiling lessons learnt which will influence the further refinement of the modules and the impact evaluation methodology. A report on the Viggiano Peer Review will be produced for the Host Team which will bring together observations and recommendations generated by the review. This is expected to be delivered within the next 3 months.

On 29th and 30th November a project workshop is being held in Salford, United Kingdom where the Viggiano Peer Review process will be further analysed in detail. This will facilitate the continued evolution of the Uscore2 city-to-city peer review tool and the impact evaluation methodology.