On 26th September 2017 the Uscore2 Project published a systematic literature review which reviewed 1658 papers using Google Scholar “Publish or Perish” software. The aim of the literature review is to capture a wide variety of documents pertaining to city resilience peer reviews to provide details of academic and non-academic perspectives in this emerging field. After a process of screening and sorting articles, 46 key papers emerged for closer analysis.

These papers were analysed using the UNISDR ‘Making Cities Resilient’ campaign 10 Essentials for Making Cities Resilient framework, drawing upon key issues such as: how the literature has conceptualised city resilience; and the gaps and implications that arise as a result of this; how the essentials are understood and utilised for city resilience peer reviews; the usability of these concepts; and the implications this has on policy and practice.

This report demonstrates that Uscore2, by drawing on a variety of literatures, supports a comprehensive approach to integrating concerns relating to urban resilience. Additionally, this review contributes to the nascent field of city peer reviews, providing foundations for further research, and supporting applicable findings for urban policy makers and stakeholders.

This literature review has a number of implications for Uscore2 as its findings have helped to inform the design of the peer review modules, and will go on to support the design of the impact evaluation methodology used to assess the peer review process in the pilot review of Viggiano in October 2017.

The Uscore2 Project peer review document can be downloaded here.