City to city local level peer review

City to city local level peer review on Disaster Risk Reduction


Uscore2 project peer review resources

Uscore2 project peer review resources are available in the 'Downloads' section of the website.

To view and download Uscore2 project resources please follow this link: Downloads

Uscore2 project resources are also hosted on the UNISDR website: UNISDR Uscore2

The Uscore2 project

The Uscore2 project aims to design and test a generic, practical, city-to-city, disaster risk reduction peer review tool for cities across EU member states and beyond via the UNISDR Making Cities Resilient campaign (MCR).

The project will involve collaborative work between the municipalities of Salford, Amadora and Viggiano. the University of Manchester, UNISDR, the Department of Communities and Local Government (UK), Portuguese National Authority of Civil Protection and the Associazione di Protezione Civile Gruppo Lucano.

I wish to be fully engaged in developing environmental sustainability and territorial safety in the urban and land-use government actions. To this aim, our community will actively participate with the Province of Potenza in the action proposed for strengthening territorial resilience by adopting local policies and specific actions.

Amedeo Cicala

Mayor - Viggiano, Italy

City profiles

The peer review tool developed through Uscore2 will be piloted in Viggiano, Salford and Amadora. These three cities have different disaster risk profiles; geographical and demographic characteristics; and statutory and regulatory frameworks. All are role models within the Making Cities Resilient Campaign. The effectiveness of the peer review tool will be evaluated using a methodology developed by the University of Manchester. The tool will be aligned to the indicators for the Sendai Framework and UNISDR MCR enabling on-going assessment of its applicability in reporting local progress against the Sendai Framework.

Amadora - Portugal

  • Website : Amadora
  • Size : 24 sq km
  • Population : 2011 - 175,575
  • Part Of : Portugal
  • Hazards : Earthquake, Flood, Heat Wave, Land Slide, Technical Disaster

Salford – United Kingdom

  • Website : Salford
  • Size : 97.19 sq km
  • Population : 2011 – 233,933
  • Part Of : Greater Manchester
  • Hazards : Epidemic & Pandemic, Flood, Heat Wave, Technical Disaster

Viggiano – Italy

  • Website : Viggiano
  • Size : 89.70 sq km
  • Population : 2011 - 3,122
  • Part Of : Basilicata
  • Hazards : Cold Wave, Drought, Earthquake, Heat Wave, Land Slide, NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Technical Disaster

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